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What is Laser Communication? If your new to the subject - start here

Crawley Round Table 2003 Proceedings

Crawley Laser Workshop 2004 Proceedings

An English Record Dover to Fairlight April 2003

First Steps into the Light New recruits!

Northern Lights G8AGN and G3PHO over a 6.7 km Path

More Northern Lights G8AGN and G3PHO over a 20 km Path

The UK Laser Distance Record Ashdown Forest to Butser Hill October 2003

The First Cross Chanel Contact Eventually the Mist Lifted

2003 Tests Practical operation

G8LSD MkII Laser System A description of one approach to Laser Communication

Photographs Various photographs of aspects of the hobby

Historical Optical Communications articles - in Date Order

The OCP71 Phototransistor. Chapter eleven of the 1960 Mullard reference manual of transistor circuits.

Light Modulation. The utter basics - at least one stage of electronics.

Light-Beam Transmitter-Receiver. Designed for speech and music.

Speech-on-Light. A simple but effective system.

Modulated-Light Transmitter and Receiver. Another successful system.

Modulated-Light Broadcast Transmitter. A range of 150 yards with light bulbs.

Communication by Modulated Arc Beam. Transmit frequency to 10 kHz and a quarter of a mile range in daylight.

A Wide-Band Photophone. Modulation of flourescent tubes on transmit. Part two. Part three.

Links to external sites

David Bowman's Site Great site with technical details

Sam's Laser Site Lots of useful facts

K3PGP Experimenter's.Corner Another Good American site

Laser Communications From Jim Moss, N9JIM/6

N6IZW/W6VR Laser QSO Details of Saturday, June 24, 2000

Experiments in Finland Informative site

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